Lisbon Tourist Guides – Things To See and Do in Lisbon


Lisbon has witnessed a renaissance in recent years, something that has made it one of the most important cities in Europe. Strategically located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, there is no denying that the city has set its place as one of the cities with a thriving contemporary culture in Europe. Characterized by limestone buildings and alleyways, Lisbon continues to attract tourists from all corners of the world. If you are planning to visit, then here is a comprehensive Lisbon Guide.


Lisbon is one of the few cities in Europe that enjoys warm climate all year long, with mild winters and warm summer months. Influenced by the Gulf Stream, it is one of Europe’s mildest cities. Among all the major cities in Europe, it has the warmest winters in the whole of Europe. Frost and snow are very rare in this city. Because of its closeness to the ocean, the weather patterns around the city change very fast.


One of the interesting things about Lisbon is that it has two faces; one part of the city is completely modern with high-end restaurants, food outlets, markets and shops, while the other part is a reflection of old civilization and historical architecture. In Lisbon, you will find yourself lost in two opposite worlds that it has to offer.


When it comes to portugal tourism attractions and places of interest, the city has a lot of offerings. From contemporary to classic, Lisbon is stacked with museums, with the most notable one being Museo Calouste Glubenkian. The complex has an array of Renaissance artifacts and paintings from different parts of the world, and two halls for ballet and music performance. There are many other museums in Lisbon which give visitors a flavor of Portugal’s rich history.


Lisbon also has a captivating nightlife and you are sure to get entertained when evening comes. If you want to experience what Lisbon, and indeed Portugal is really made of, you cannot afford to miss taking a trip to the Solar do Vinho do Porto. Located in the 18th century palace, you can experience this wine not only in its country of origin, but in a very fitting environment, surrounded by warm, rich nectar.


If you have a soft spot for nature, then Lisbon has you covered too. There are many gardens and parks within the city where you can take a stroll to enjoy the beauty. One of such parks is the Lisbon Botanical Garden, a hidden gem which dates hundreds of years back. There is also Ajuda Botanical garden, one of the oldest gardens in Europe and the first one in Portugal. For more facts and information about Lisbon tourist guide, you can check out


If you have a soft spot for shopping, Lisbon has many big shopping malls and markets where you can buy local and imported items. Lisbon also has modern restaurants that serve local and international cuisine at its finest.